Mildura Base Hospital
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Your Stay

A - Z list

  • Mobile Phones
  • Newspapers
  • Noise
  • Nurse-Call-System
  • Private patients
  • Personal laundry
  • Pharmacy
  • Religion
  • Smoking
  • Support Services/environment
  • Staff Identification
  • Telephones
  • Television
  • Valuables
  • Visiting hours/ rest period
  • Volunteer Program
  • WIFI
  • Zero Tolerance – aggression & violence

  • Coffee Shop

    "The Base Coffee Shop" is open seven days a week –

    Monday to Thursday 7.00 am to 6.00 pm
    Friday 7.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Saturday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
    Sunday 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

    Public holidays – notification of opening and closing times will be displayed prior to the public holiday.

    Other time changes – notification of opening and closing times will be displayed at the coffee shop.

    Eat indoors or in the lovely outdoor courtyard area or you can order take away food.

    • Fresh sandwiches over the counter or made to order
    • Focaccia's
    • Hot meals available Monday – Friday
    • Freshly made salads
    • Cakes, slices, muffins
    • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks.

    Communication Boards

    We have "communication boards' at the patient bedside (affixed to wall) which we use as a vital communication tool for the flow of information to patients, family and visitors and to all hospital staff providing care for you.

    Our staff up-date the communication board to keep you informed of your doctor and nurse's name, the estimated discharge date, the date and day, dietary needs and care requirements. There is a message section on the board for everyone to use, including family, visitors, staff and you. Using the message section of the board will encourage open communication for everyone involved in your care.

    Electrical Appliances

    Whilst we wish to support your stay in hospital and make it as pleasant as possible, we have an obligation to maintain a safe environment. As we cannot ensure the safety of your own personal electrical items, we request that you keep these to a minimum. The Hospital reserves the right to examine and inspect any devices brought from home and to prohibit the use of any device hospital staff are concerned about.

    Patient-supplied medical devices are only permissible if they have been tested by our Biomedical /Maintenance Department and meet the required standards.

    Feedback and suggestions

    Patient care is our primary concern. We welcome your thoughts and invite you to discuss any aspect of your care with the team of health professionals looking after you.

    We have a brochure which explains how to provide feedback and suggestions to us and it is available in key areas of the hospital, for example reception areas, emergency department and pre admission.

    At times, you may be asked to participate in a "Patient Satisfaction survey", we value your feedback and like to know ways you think our service can be improved and what, in your opinion we are doing well. The future direction of patient care at Mildura Base Hospital may be supported by your feedback.

    For more information on ways to provide feedback, see our Feedback page.

    Fire and Emergency

    In the event of a fire or some other emergency, the senior nurse or area warden will guide or advise you of the appropriate action. Please remain calm and do not panic. We ask that your visitors wait with you for specific instructions from the senior nurse or area warden. Mildura Base Hospital conducts on-going emergency procedure training for staff, addressing the areas of patient safety and evacuation.

    Identification "Bracelet"

    It is important that the plastic identification "bracelet' affixed at admission is worn during your stay in hospital. Please check to ensure that the information on it is correct.

    All patients will have one affixed band on at all times. A white band will be used or a red band should you have a particular risk/allergy. It is important you make staff aware of any allergies you have so they can issue you with the correct colour band and your allergy is noted in the medical record.

    Babies in Maternity require two identification bands on at all times.

    Please notify staff if one comes off so it can be replaced promptly.

    Infection Control

    The hospital's Infection Control program aims to minimise risk to all patients, visitors and staff. This may mean some patients are cared for in isolation, if this is necessary, the patient concerned is advised of the necessary precautions.

    One of the most effective ways of preventing infection in the hospital is hand washing or using special antiseptic hand rubs. Patients can assist in preventing the spread of infections by washing their hands or using the hand antiseptic hand rubs available. Visitors are strongly encouraged to clean their hands on arrival and after visiting you in hospital.

    For the protection of loved ones, MBH insists Visitors (family and friends) do not visit if unwell themselves (colds, flu, vomiting and diarrhoea etc).

    We strongly advise family and friends not to use patient toilets as this poses both risks to patients and visitors alike.


    MBH has access to Interpreter Services if required. If you become aware of a patient who appears to be having language difficulty, please feel free to advise nursing or other staff of this matter so we can assist the patient.

    Leaving the Ward

    The senior nurse is directly responsible for your safety and well-being. Please consult him/her before leaving the ward area. You must remain within the hospital premises until you are discharged, unless special arrangements have been made with your nurse. If you are a smoker, please refer to the section on Smoking.


    Mail is delivered daily, Monday to Friday. Your mail should be addressed as follows:

    Your given name and surname
    Your Ward
    Mildura Base Hospital
    PO Box 620
    MILDURA VIC 3502


    Meals are served to patients throughout the hospital from the following times:

    Breakfast: 7.30 am
    Lunch: 12.30 pm
    Evening Meal: 5.30 pm

    Please ensure that you are within the ward during these times.

    We use an ordering system called Chef Max, one of our Food Monitor staff will visit you and take your order using the Chef Max system. This saves you completing a paper order and is more personalised.

    You or a family member can request a printed menu if you wish to order in advance.

    Feel free to speak to the Food Monitor staff member when they are making their rounds if you have any issues with the menu and we will try and accommodate as long as it fits in with any medical/dietary requirements previously advised.

    The hospital strives to provide a choice of meals and to supply special diets where this is necessary for your medical care. Every attempt will be made to cater for cultural or ethnic diversity. Consideration can be given to relatives or friends supplying familiar dishes for you if these are considered appropriate to your general care.


    If your hospitalisation involved Police, Fire and Emergency Services in some way, there are often media enquiries about the condition of 'the patient'. A general comment such as satisfactory condition, stable condition, serious but stable condition or critical condition "in intensive care" is given. All other medical information is confidential and is not released without patient consent.

    You may be asked for your willingness to be photographed, filmed or interviewed by a journalist as part of a news story or the birth of your baby, your wishes will be respected.

    Medical Certificates

    If you require a medical certificate to cover the time you are in hospital, please ask your doctor or one of the nursing staff. This should be done as soon as possible. If you require a specific type of medical certificate (eg Department of Social Security or for worker's compensation purposes) you should let your doctor know. Do not wait until you are going home, as your doctor may not be available at that time.

    Medical Information

    When your relatives or friends telephone, we respect your privacy and only give out information to those individuals nominated by you. Your treating doctor/nurse will seek your consent before disclosing health information to other friends and family.

    Relatives and friends are not routinely notified when surgical procedures are to take place. If an immediate or urgent operation is to be performed, every effort will be made to notify your next of kin as documented in your medical record.

    It is important you provide us with an 'alternative' contact person's details (phone number and address) should our efforts to contact your designated next of kin fail. We may need to make contact any time of the day or night.

    Medical Records

    We keep a confidential record of your medical condition and treatment. This remains the property of the hospital. Access to your medical record can be arranged by contacting Health Information Services - Freedom of Information Officer. Within the hospital access to your records is limited to health care professionals directly involved in your treatment. Your consent is needed to disclose the contents of your medical record, unless it is required by law. Your GP will be provided a summary of you hospital stay once you are discharged.

    Medical Teaching

    Being a teaching hospital, Mildura Base Hospital helps train future health workers. Medical & Nursing students and recent graduates will assist with your treatment. They are taught at the bedside by specialist staff. You may be asked for details of your illness and be examined by one of them.

    This type of training is important and we hope that you will participate. Your care and needs are of paramount importance to us so if you prefer not to participate, please let us know.

    Medical Ward Rounds

    Ward rounds occur on a daily basis – times are varied depending on your admitting doctor's schedule. Nursing staff are present during the ward round to assist with relevant information. Patients are encouraged to be directly involved in the treatment and care process and discussion.


    Patients are expected to bring ALL of their current medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, into hospital with them to:

    • Assist in obtaining an accurate medication history at admission;
    • Utilise during their hospital admission; and
    • Ensure an adequate and up-to-date supply of medication be provided on discharge.

    Your medication will be stored in a labelled secure bag in your locked bedside locker.

    If you have any questions regarding your medications you may contact one of the hospital pharmacists either during your hospital stay or after your discharge.

    Your own medication can be used during your inpatient stay, however will be administered by nursing staff and will be labelled "patient's own".

    Medications contained in the secure bag remain the property of the patient and may be taken home at time of discharge. Whether or not all medications are appropriate to return home with the patient must be determined by medical and/or pharmacy staff in consultation with the patient or carer.

    Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme operates for discharge medications. This means we require you to bring in your Medicare card and any Pension or Concession cards or Safety net cards. You will be charged for your discharge medications and the amount you are charged will depend on your level of concession.

    The Pharmacy is open Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.

    Mobile Phones

    When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. Mildura Base Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.


    Newspapers are delivered to the wards by the hospital for purchase each weekday. They are also available daily from the Base Coffee Shop.


    Please show consideration for other patients by avoiding loud conversations and keeping other noise levels (music etc) to a minimum. Use of head phones for person media devices is encouraged.


    • The green nurse call button is located in the toilets, showers and on the white handset (TV control unit) at the bedside – a nurse will show you this on admission. Pressing either of the green buttons will alert a nurse to assist you. The call registers until a nurse switches it off.
    • The black handset on the side of the bed will enable you to place the head, foot or height of your bed in a position for individual comfort, by pressing the appropriate indictor panel on either side – Left (for up) or Right (for down). A nurse will explain this to you on admission.

    Private patients

    Patients with Private Health Insurance have the choice to be treated as either a private or public patient. Upon admission to hospital you will be required to make a decision regarding your patient classification status; private, public or Veteran's Affairs patient etc.

    Private patients may have arrangements with their treating doctor regarding "doctor" fees and "out of pocket expenses". Mildura Base Hospital respects patient-doctor arrangements.

    Private patients may not be covered for some surgical procedures. The MBH Private Patient Liaison Officer can assist by contacting your health fund to clarify your coverage; alternatively you may wish to contact your health fund prior to your admission to ensure you are fully covered.

    We will endeavour to allocate private patients to single rooms, however single rooms are limited and allocated on clinical priority.

    Admission staff or the Private Patient Liaison Officer can assist you with additional information or any queries you may have.

    Personal laundry

    There are no facilities to wash personal belongings. The only exception to this is for patients in Rehabilitation Ward (for patients with no relatives and patients able to wash their own as part of therapy) and Mental Health.

    Pharmacy (see medications)


    Mildura Base Hospital patients and family can request access to support services from their own denomination by asking the nursing staff to do so.

    The hospital has a Contemplation Room located in the corridor leading to Ward 1, 2 and 3; it is always open and is a place of peace and quietness.


    Government regulations prohibit smoking in public buildings and within three metres of doorways. As health service providers, we encourage you not to smoke during your stay in hospital and can provide information to you about the benefits of not smoking and how to access support services should you wish to decrease and or cease your smoking during your stay in hospital.

    Support Services/environment

    Aboriginal Liaison Officers
    The Aboriginal Liaison Officer assists patients and their families in understanding hospital procedures and terminology while ensuring that the care provided is appropriate to the patient's needs. Liaison is also carried out between all health care staff to enable patients and their families to have an understandable explanation of diagnostic tests and treatment options.

    The Aboriginal Liaison Officer will arrange appropriate support service and will organise links to specific relevant services in the community.

    The Aboriginal Liaison Officer may provide transport for patients to and from health care facilities when other suitable means of transport are not available.

    The Aboriginal Liaison Officer can be contacted between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

    Lounge and rest areas
    Lounge areas for relatives /visitors are located at:

    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Maternity Services
    • Palliative Care.
    • Contemplation room
      The contemplation room is always open and is located in the corridors leading to the general wards one to three. It is a place for reflection, peace and quietness.
    • Aboriginal Healing Place
      The healing place is located in the hospital grounds near the car park outside wards two and three. It is a place set aside in a culturally appropriate setting for Aboriginal patients and visitors for "sorry" time which can mean a mournful time over a sick or recently passed relative or friend. Should non Aboriginal people wish to use the healing place, we request you are respectful and mindful of Aboriginal people using or who may wish to access the healing place.

    Staff Identification

    Members of Mildura Base Hospital staff can be distinguished by their uniforms.

    It is a hospital requirement for all staff to wear an identification badge stating their name and position.


    The telephone number for Mildura Base Hospital is 03 50 22 3333. Outgoing calls may be made from a public telephone located in the front foyer and the Emergency Department waiting room. These phones will accept Telstra swipe cards and coins.

    Bedside phones can be used with the "Phoneaway" card. Phone cards may be purchased at front Reception desk for the cost of approximately $5 or $10.


    Televisions are available at each bed. A representative from Hospital Television Rentals will visit the hospital between 2pm and 4pm Monday to Saturday and will arrange for your TV to be connected and advise you of rental charges. Outside of those hours please ring 1800 063 829 with any questions.


    You are requested not to bring valuables or large amounts of cash into hospital. If this is unavoidable, valuables will be placed in a 'Patient's Property Envelope' in conjunction with the nurse looking after you.

    You and your nurse will countersign the envelope. The valuables are then sent to the front reception desk and placed in a safe for safekeeping. At this time you will be issued with a receipt.

    Alternatively, you may wish to give your cash and valuables to a relative to take home.

    Special arrangements are made for unconscious patients.

    No responsibility will be accepted for the loss of valuables retained in the ward. Likewise, the hospital cannot accept responsibility for damage to a patient's personal clothing or items removed in the course of emergency treatment. Patients will require their receipt when collecting valuables from the safe.

    Visiting hours/ rest period

    MBH has set periods for visiting and patient rest time. These times are displayed throughout the hospital and could change from time to time. Not all rest periods will be the same, there may be slightly different times for different wards, for example Midwifery. If you are unsure, please telephone the Hospital and ask. We ask you to please respect these times so that all patients have some quiet time.

    Volunteer Program

    We have a group of volunteers at the hospital who provide a range of services including:

    • Paper/trolley round
    • Sitting with patients and having a "chat"
    • Generally assisting visitors and patients


    Wi Fi access is available and can be purchased at the front desk for approximately $15.00

    Zero Tolerance – aggression & violence

    Every person in a Ramsay Health Care facility – staff, patients and visitors – has a right to personal safety.

    Threatening, abusive or physically violent behaviour will not be accepted from anyone under any circumstances.