Mildura Base Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Pre-Admission Clinic

The purpose of the Pre-Admission Clinic is to:

  • Complete all health assessments and investigations required prior to surgery
  • Instigate referrals to required ancillary services
  • Provide education and information about the operative process, and what to expect during and after the hospital stay. Often, this will involve a Clinical Pathway.
  • Plan for and organise any assistance required upon discharge from hospital

The Pre-Admission Clinic operates on a weekly basis for each surgical specialty, and is located immediately inside the hospital main entry.

This clinic has been designed for people who have elected to have surgery at Mildura Base Hospital. Your medical fitness to undergo an anaesthetic and surgical procedure will be assessed during the Clinic. It may take between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the type of operation and your level of health. Relatives are welcome to attend.

An interpreter will be booked for your Pre-Admission Clinic appointment if required.

Prior to attending the clinic you may be asked to have some investigations carried out. These may include the taking and testing of blood samples, an electrocardiogram to record the function of your heart, and an X-ray of your chest, and/ or the area to be operated upon.

The results of these tests will be reviewed by medical staff at your Pre-Admission Clinic appointment. If there are any tests results that require further investigation, this will be arranged.

The Pre-Admission Clinic Team may include, as necessary,

  • Medical Officer
  • Social Welfare Officer
  • Clinical Nurse
  • Dietitian
  • Physiotherapist
  • Post Acute Care Coordinator
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Breast Cancer Support Nurse

While attending the clinic, you will be provided with written and verbal information regarding your operation and the care you will require during your admission to hospital and upon discharge. Access to rehabilitation or community services to assist you in your convalescence will be discussed.

This is an opportune time to ask questions and raise concerns about your surgery, hospital procedures and discharge services.

Following your attendance at the Pre-Admission Clinic, you will then return to the hospital on your day of surgery. You will be asked to report to the Day Surgery Area for preparation for your operation.

For further information

  • Mildura Base Hospital on 03 5022 3333, or
  • The Pre-Admission Clinic on 03 5022 3335, or
  • Post to Mildura Base Hospital, PO Box 620, Mildura, 3502