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We would like to hear from you.

We appreciate all feedback about the services we provide and the way they are delivered.  Your feedback can help us to understand and deal with any issues we may not know about. 
It gives us a chance to improve our services to you - our consumers. 

Who do you talk to?

If you have any concerns or are unhappy with your care, please speak with a staff member who is directly involved in your care as soon as possible.  All feedback will be treated seriously and confidentially.
If they can’t help with your concerns, or if you are unhappy with the information given, then you can provide formal feedback.

How do you provide formal feedback?

For complaints there are two ways to make a formal complaint.

  1. Complete the form located at the end of this page.  This is forwarded to our Risk Manager. 
  2. Contact the Risk Manager directly via the contact details located in “Contact Us”.

Suggestions/Compliments can be provided in the same way. 

What happens when you provide formal feedback?

  • All compliments are given to the relevant areas.
  • All suggestions are given to the relevant areas for discussion and consideration.
  • All complaints are investigated.  When a complaint is received an acknowledgement letter is sent within 5 working days.

If a complaint is received, the Risk Manager will:

  • Investigate and identify your concerns;
  • Work toward a resolution of the problem;
  • Provide a formal letter of response.

Can you complain for someone else?

Yes, but if medical record information needs to be accessed, that person must give permission or you must be the person responsible for that person (eg. Parent / Guardian, Medical Power of Attorney etc.).

Any problem is best solved by contacting the Hospital directly.

However, if you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, or you wish to take your concerns further, please contact:

Health Complaints Commissioner
Ph: 1300 582 113
Send a letter to: Level 26, 570 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000

For Mental Health Complaints, please contact:

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
Ph: 1800 246 054 (free call from landlines)
Ph: 03 9032 3328
Fax: 03 9949 1506

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