Mildura Base Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Mildura Base Hospital provides an extensive medical service to the surrounding community of approximately 60,000 people. Provision of these services is co-ordinated by the Director of Medical Services, Medical Administrator and the HMO Manager.

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  • Physicians: There are staff consultant physicians and VMO physicians. While they practice as General Physicians, each has a special interest in Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology and Gastroenterology.

  • Anaesthesia: The theatres are serviced by staff anaesthetists who also provide pain management and ICU management services.

  • Surgery: There is one staff consultant general surgeon and VMO general surgeons who perform a full range of both elective and emergency surgical procedures and include special interest areas such as vascular, colorectal, breast and upper GI.

  • Urology: The hospital is serviced by four visiting Urologists.

  • Oral/Facial Maxilliary: There are three visiting consultants for this speciality.

  • Dermatology: There is one fully qualified Dermatologists.

  • ENT Surgery: There is one staff ENT Surgeon and one specialist VMO ENT Surgeon.

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology: There are 3 VMO Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and almost two staff Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

  • Opthalmology: There is one VMO Ophthalmologist.

  • Paediatrics: There are almost three qualified staff paediatricians. While they practice as general paediatricians, each as a special interest in endocrine disorders and behavioural disorders.

  • Orthopaedics: There is one staff Orthopaedic Surgeon and one Orthopaedic Surgeon providing elective and emergency services.

  • Pathology: There are pathology services on-site.

  • Radiology: A wide range of both investigative and some invasive radiology is carried out.


  • Medical Imaging: Imaging services are provided by Sunraysia Medical Imaging both in Healthscope Court, and with an on-site Unit at Mildura Base Hospital. Teleradiological advancements allow radiographs to be viewed after hours by experts based in Melbourne, and relayed to Mildura within a very short timeframe.

  • Pathology: Clinical Laboratories provides a comprehensive service to local clinicians, with an on-site facility enhanced by the ability to provide on-line results within 8 minutes of processing by pathologists and microbiologists.