Mildura Base Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Mildura Base Hospital provides an extensive Medical service to the surrounding community of approximately 60,000 people. Provision of theses services is co-ordinated by the Director of Medical Services and the Hospital Medical Officer Manager.

There are currently 130 Visiting Medical Officers and 3 fulltime salaried staff.


  • Physicians: There are 3 fully qualified consultant physicians. Although they practice as General Physicians one has a special interest in Cardiology, one in Gastroenterology and one in Rheumatology/Oncology
  • Anaesthesia: There are 4 fully qualified anaesthetists
  • Surgery: There are 4 general surgeons who perform a full range of both elective and emergency surgical procedures
  • Urology: There are 2 fully qualified Urologists
  • Orol/Facial Maxilliary: There is 1 Visiting Medical Officer for this speciality.
  • Dentistry: There are 4 fully qualified Dental Surgeons
  • Dermatology: There are 2 fully qualified Dermatologists
  • ENT Surgery: 1 Specialist ENT Surgeon
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology: There are 4 Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
  • Opthalmology: 2 Opthalmologists
  • Paediatrics: There is 1 qualified paediatric physician who sees a wide range of paediatric pathology.
  • Orthopaedics: There is 1 Orthopaedic Surgeon and in addition 1 visiting Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Pathology: 4 fully qualified Pathologists
  • Radiology: 5 A wide range of both investigative and some invasive radiology is carried out.

In addition there are 23 general practitioners attached to the staff and have limited bed rights and this number is increasing as the population of Mildura increases. MBH employs a fulltime surgeon, and psychiatrist.

There are 20 Junior Resident Medical Officers. All of these are training for Post Graduate Examination and many are on rotation from accredited programs at teaching hospitals.

There are 6 Senior Registrars who are training for their Post Graduate membership or fellowship and are part of accredited recognised programs.

Emergency services are fully staffed by 7 Junior Resident Medical Officers, 5 casual Senior Medical Officers and a fulltime Director. They see a wide range of clinical conditions some general practice. The Emergency Department serves as a centre for the receipt of the whole area surrounding Mildura with a full Orthopaedic surgical service, Resuscitation and Anaesthetic services

In addition the BaseHospital has close ties with community services including paediatrics, aboriginal health, alcohol and drug programs.

MilduraBaseHospital functions as a true base hospital and services a wide rural area, is the teaching hospital for the Sunraysia area with a staff of Visiting Medical Officers, Junior Resident Medical Officers and Medical Students and a Emergency service which caters for the needs of such a Community.


  • Medical Imaging: Jones & Partners are an Adelaide based private provider, operating Sunraysia Medical Imaging both in Healthscope Court, and with an on-site Unit at MilduraBaseHospital. Teleradiological advancements allow radiographs to be viewed by experts based in Adelaide, and relayed to Mildura within a very short timeframe.
  • Pathology: St. John of God Pathology Services provide a comprehensive service to local clinicians, with an on-site facility enhanced by the ability to provide on-line results within 8 minutes of processing by pathologists and microbiologists.