Mildura Base Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Mildura Base Hospital Community Advisory Board

The Board comprises of eight local residents:

  • Chairman: Mrs Gayle Danson
  • Mrs Ada Peterson
  • Julia Morgan
  • Mr Gerald Purchase
  • Mr John Tesoriero
  • Kathy Carusella
  • Tara Williams
  • Mr Dale Thompson
  • Dr Philip Webster

The Board will play an important role as intermediaries between the community and the Hospital operators and will enable the community and surrounding districts to provide direct input into the operation of the Hospital.

Mildura Base Hospital is a privately-operated Hospital providing public health services to the community under a contract and service agreement with the State of Victoria.

The contract covering the operation of this Hospital empowers the Advisory Board (C1 29.1) to advise the operators on a number of important matters including:

  • Clinical Governance
  • The range and quality of clinical services provided
  • The Hospital By-laws and policies
  • The formation and activities of auxiliaries and other volunteer groups and
  • Promotion of the Hospital as an important service provider for the region.

The Community Advisory Board meet monthly and produce an annual report to be included in the Hospitals Annual Report.