Mildura Base Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

When You Leave

Discharge Planning

For most admissions, discharge planning commences prior to admission. Where possible, services will be pre-arranged for your care needs at home if required.

Discharge from Hospital

For you own safety we need to ensure you have a carer (family, friend) to assist you with transport and support when you arrive home following your surgery.

Please inform nursing staff prior to your surgery if there is nobody to take you home or stay with you. Your discharge from Day Surgery will be delayed until your discharge destination arrangements are clarified.

When you have been cleared for discharge, ensure that you have details of your next doctor's appointment and discharge medications.

Discharging yourself from hospital

Except in certain cases (eg some infectious diseases) every patient has the right to leave hospital when he or she chooses. If this is the case, you will be asked to sign a "disclaimer" as the responsibility rests entirely with you.

Transport Home

You will need to make private arrangements for your transport home.